Whole Body Cryotherapy

Ever heard of athletes taking ice baths? There is now a new treatment called Spot Cryotherapy  that works similar to ice baths, but without the messy water and ice. Spot Cryotherapy is a treatment that is becoming more and more popular among athletes, patients with chronic pain, and patients who just want to feel great. Able to improve a variety of conditions, Spot Cryotherapy is a natural alternative to medications. Even sports stars like LeBron James utilize it!

What is Spot Cryotherapy?

Spot Cryotherapy involves rapid cooling of a patient’s skin surface temperature.  The doctor will use a cryotherapy device that uses nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO2) to cool the air. Temperatures can reach below ­250 degrees Fahrenheit. While this may sound unbearable. The skin temperature drops by thirty to fifty degrees within this time.

Because of the extreme temperature drop, your body reacts to protect you. It goes into survival mode, and draws your blood inward to preserve your core. There, the blood picks up nutrients and when the blood returns to the rest of your body, the nutrients are dispersed. This reaction also triggers the regulatory system, anti­-inflammatories within the body, and endorphin's.

What are the Benefits of Spot Cryotherapy?

Spot Cryotherapy can help relieve symptoms of many ailments, including both physical and mental conditions. Some of the conditions that may benefit from Spot Cryotherapy include chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and degenerated spinal discs. It can even relieve depression, boost immune system response, and reduce chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition to medical benefits, Spot Cryotherapy works great for fitness. Some fitness-­related benefits include faster recovery from muscle soreness, increased energy, decreased recovery time from injury, and improved joint function.

What is it like to experience Spot Cryotherapy?

A cryotherapy device  will be used  cool down the air to around ­250 degrees Fahrenheit and the doctor will cool the desired area down for two to three minutes. When the session is over, your body will begin to warm back up instantly as your blood moves back to the area. Many patients say they experience a warm and tingly sensation. Increased energy levels are commonly experienced within a few minutes.

If you believe that Spot Cryotherapy may benefit you, be sure to schedule an appointment with us!