Summer Activities in Gowrie IA

Not sure what to do with your time during the summer in Gowrie? Take a look at some recommendations by our Gowrie chiropractor.


One of the most popular places in summer in Gowrie is the swimming pool. It is a place for all the kids to meet with their friends and socialize while they are not in school. It is a great place to take your kids on a hot day and get some fresh air but still stay cool. The pool has a diving board in the deep end for the older adults, they also have a kids pool for the younger kids to be able to swim without worrying about the older kids. The swimming pool is an attraction for all ages. Even after swimming the kids can walk across the parking lot and go play at the park.

Our swimming pool is open normally on Memorial day through labor day. The swimming pool has a little concession stand for the kids to be able to grab a snack or drink while hanging out at the pool. They also have breaks every hour that way the lifeguards can alternate shifts and take a little break. That is a time for the kids to be able to grab their snacks or drink.

Disc Golfing

Right across from the swimming pool is the disc golf course that they have recently put in. High school kids come here a lot after school in the nice weather to be able to still hang out with their friends and get some fresh air. Disc golf is a lot like normal golf; our course is a 9 hole course. If you don’t know what it is here is a little insight of what the game is. You use a disc that looks like a frisbee but heavier. The players stand at a tee and throw the disc at a target. It is right next to a park, so it is a perfect Saturday or Sunday time with family. You can go to the pool for a little bit and have a picnic at the park and then be able to play disc golf with the family you want.

What is nice about the disc golf course is that there are obstacles that you have to make sure to go around, so it can be a little challenging and it makes the players think of the best route to take so they get the least amount of points and to the basket the fastest. Along with the disc golf course and the swimming pool there is the football field and track right there.

Getting Outside

So you can get in some exercise or go let the kids go run around the track to burn off some energy. There is even a little campground site that holds about 10 campers that is connected to the park also. It is a perfect corner for a family to hang out. You can have a family picnic or reunion there also you can get a little bit of everything. On Friday nights there is a skating rink that is open that is on the corner of the road. You can take your family there and enjoy some nice family time and be able to show your kids the fun of skating.