Places to Visit in Downtown Gowrie IA

Not sure where to visit in Gowrie? Take a look at a few places downtown, recommended by our Gowrie chiropractor.

When walking down the main street in Gowrie, there are many local shops you can stop in and shop for a while. These shops are all run by locals here in town so it is an amazing opportunity to be able to support local small businesses while getting your shopping needs in. Throughout the months these businesses put together activities and events for the community to participate in.

The Downtown Market

In the fall one thing that the town of Community put together with all these small businesses is a “downtown market” it is an opportunity for the residents in the community to get together and support the local businesses but yet gather with other residents and socialize. It is not just businesses in Gowrie that are set up a lot of other small town businesses come out and set up so that way they are getting their business out there and that way the community can support them also. The local shops consist of Liberty market which is a home decor store. Picket Fence and Patty’s quilts and gifts, it is customized items and home decor. Addison James Fashion Boutique and Jacci Addison Portrait Studio, it is a clothing store along with a studio in the back. It is a nice addition to the town, because you get the opportunity to be able to shop local and you can get a variety of options, from home decor, to handmade items, and clothing. Picket Fence is a wonderful shop because it is local, and Patti handmakes a lot of the items in the store to purchase. She will customize quilts. And she makes items that support our local school district and some of the colleges in the state. Liberty Market is a store that allows you to shop for home decor and they also have candles available that are made from a local town in Iowa.

Shopping Local

Shopping locally is a huge part of Gowrie, because you are supporting locals and supporting each other is what the town of Gowrie is about. Down the road from Liberty Market is a barber shop called “Phil the Drill.” Across from the barber shop, there is a grocery store that is owned by the locals here in the town of Gowrie. The community has come together to be able to buy the grocery store. The grocery store is nice in the town because if you forgot a couple things from the grocery list you can run up town and grab them. Need a last minute supper, the grocery store is the place to go to grab that! Another locally owned business in town is our automotive repair and tire repair. We have two automotive repairs in town that can fix your car if something is not working right. Gowrie is big for supporting all the local shops in town, we all like each other's backs so shopping locally is a great way to be able to support each other and all those businesses that are locally owned by residents here in town or surrounding towns.