Leisurely Activities in Gowrie IA

Do you have some time to yourself in Gowrie? Take a look at a few leisurely activities you can do, recommended by our Gowrie chiropractor.


On the edge of town, we have a 9 hole golf course. The course is ideal for all levels of golfers, it is designed to help you improve your golf skills. It allows each golfer to be able to focus on their game, they are able to be able to put their distractions behind. They can test their skills with each fairway, there is a mix of long, short, and sand traps. You can purchase a yearly membership. They have golf tournaments throughout the summer.

Grab a Bite

Along with the golf course, there is a restaurant in the clubhouse called Mulligans. It is a sports bar/bar/grill type restaurant. So while you are out golfing you can grab a bite to eat and be able to grab some drinks as well while playing. While the golf course is closed during the winter months, Mulligans is still open. You and the family can go out there and grab a bite to eat. We have another local bar in the town called Old Town Pub & Eatery. They are both wonderful bars that provide value to the community. It is nice having two different options in town because then you can switch up and support one and then go support the other another time. Mulligans just has the benefit of being attached to the golf course so they are a lot busier in the summertime because they have all the golfers there.

Visit the Dog Park

The town of Gowrie is also adding a dog park in. It is an opportunity for the public to have a spot to take their dogs so that way they have a place to run out their energy and so that way the dogs are not locked up at home all time. It has been a great addition to the community, it is a way for people to meet up with their friends and let their pets play alongside each other. It gives dogs a place to get exercise safely. Another huge benefit of having the dog park in town is that it allows seniors and disabled owners to have accessible places to exercise their companions.

Celebrate the 4th of July

The town has a huge celebration for the 4th of July every year. With it being a small town, we go all out. People from all over the state actually come to hang out in town because we have so much going on. The weekend before we have a bike ride to kick off the week of the fourth. We have a street dance the night before the fourth and have a local band play that is always a big turn out, people from all around come out and support the band and the town. Then the morning of the 4th we have a parade to start off the morning, we then have a car show, and a bunch other games and events going on through the day. To end the end we have a huge firework display. The one thing that is a huge attraction for people the week of the 4th in town is that we have a carnival come. It brings in a lot of people to the town and allows them to come to support the town and see what the town is all about.